Meet Dubai's Top 20 Selected Developers in 2024!

  1. Interested in discovering the best real estate developers in Dubai? Let’s take a closer look!
    We’ve got a list of 20 well-known developers based on the criteria considered in this report. This evaluation comes from agents who ranked the criteria in developers’ projects and their goals.

This special list was thoughtfully put together using important criteria that showcase the distinctive strengths of each developer. Excited to know how they earned their places? Explore the detailed explanations of our main criteria below to discover what makes these top developers stand out in Dubai’s real estate scene.

Top 20 Real Estate Developers in Dubai: Criteria-Based Ranking


Real estate developers’ branding is closely linked to their track record of successful projects, widespread recognition in the market, and a steadfast commitment to delivering on promises and maintaining credibility. You can check out who is smartly recognized in the highly competitive Dubai real estate market in this section. 


When it comes to performance, developers are assessed across various facets. Their commitment to legal compliance and efficient dispute resolution ensures seamless transactions and peace of mind for clients; and On-time delivery of projects is another notable feature, showcasing reliability. Furthermore, their dedication to luxurious finishes, enhancing the quality and aesthetics of their projects to meet the highest standards in Dubai’s real estate landscape, along with transparency and clarity in communication, financial transparency, project updates, and reporting to investors, are key components of their overall performance.

Risk Management & Capability

Top developers possess a distinctive skill set that extends far beyond the construction of buildings. They excel in mitigating risks through seamless project management, involving meticulous planning and scheduling, budgeting, and cost management. Their expertise also encompasses a deep understanding of the market, achieved by conducting thorough research on current trends, construction regulations, economic analysis, and maintaining a profound grasp of the supply chain.

Furthermore, their in-house construction proficiency, combined with adept crisis management, ensures that projects not only navigate challenges smoothly but also maximize success. This means they can manage construction processes internally, from design to handover. This in-house expertise allows developers to maintain a high standard of workmanship and control over the construction timeline. It’s a strategic advantage that goes beyond traditional outsourcing, underscoring their commitment to delivering top-notch projects while efficiently managing the construction process.

In addition to the factors mentioned earlier, developers stand out by strategically evaluating project locations and incorporating designs that meet diverse market needs. They consistently commit to infusing innovation, quality, and a genuine understanding of client’s diverse requirements into every phase of the real estate journey.

 Building Relationships

Developers work not just based on customer service and the expectations of investors but also define profitability. This continuous collaboration mirrors a partnership that enables effective work together.
In the realm of real estate success, collaboration is key. Through strategic partnership proposals, investors have the opportunity to become Property Development Partners instead of merely purchasers. This not only allows them to secure higher returns on investment but also unlocks additional benefits, including enhanced security and guarantees.

Within this framework, specific guarantees like Price Guarantee assure investors of an offer lower than the presale launch for partnerships, while Sale Guarantee provides a buyback guarantee for the received amount. Investment Guarantee focuses on securing the investor’s deposit, and Rent Guarantee assures a rental yield on the invested amount.

These elements play a crucial role in advancing developers who actively engage in such collaborations.

Adding Value:

One of the most crucial factors in ranking the top 20 real estate developers is the value they add to projects. This encompasses top-notch hospitality services, the use of premium materials, strategic value engineering, and a commitment to offering affordable prices. Value engineering involves strategically optimizing project costs while maintaining quality and functionality, with a focus on energy-saving in construction and design.

Moreover, these developers prioritize innovation by introducing new and creative ideas, technologies, or practices to enhance and improve development processes, designs, or features. These commitments set the developer apart in the competitive real estate landscape.


Ever wondered how the top developers grab your attention? when the best developers showcase their cool presentations, make clever digital marketing moves, and utilize effective agent facilities, they’re not just displaying properties—they’re creating an experience that captivates and connects with you.

After-Sale Service: Ensuring Long-Term Living Satisfaction 

The best developers are all about making sure residents are pleased with their stay. They’ve got your back with continuous support, in-house teams for maintenance services, and offer short-term leases such as hotel apartments, vacation homes, and hospitality services. Additionally, they handle the repair of furniture with the necessary internal teams for hotel apartments, collaborating seamlessly to keep your investment extremely secure. Your satisfaction, backed by superior customer service, remains their top priority!

Having explored the distinctive features that set these developers apart, let’s examine the main and sub-criteria that developers were evaluated on by professional agents.

  1. Branding
  • Well-known recognition developer in the market
  • Successful Projects
  • historical
  • credibility


  1. Performance
  • Legal and dispute
  • on-time delivery
  • luxurious finishes
  1. Capability
  • effective project management
  • knowledge of the market
  • in-house construction activities
  • internal general contractors
  • internal sub-contractors
  • Crisis Management
  • projects location
  • Designing
  1. Partnership Collaboration Proposal
  • price guarantee
  • Sale Guarantee
  • Investment Guarantee
  • Rent Guarantee
  • partnership proposals
  1. Adding Value
  • value engineering
  • high-end material
  • innovation
  • hospitality services
  1. Marketing
  • digital marketing
  • advertisement
  • sale center
  • projects presentations
  • agent facilities
  1. After-Sale Service
  • lease management
  • maintenance
  • service charges
  • customer service

The following section highlights the list of top developers in Dubai, ranked based on criteria assessed by agents. 

  1. Emaar Properties

Established in 1997, Emaar Properties has played a major role in shaping the UAE’s real estate landscape. In addition to hospitality and retail, Emaar also develops residential and commercial properties in the UAE.

  1. Nakheel Properties

Dubai-based Nakheel is a world-leading master developer whose innovative, landmark projects form an iconic portfolio of master communities and residential, retail, hospitality, and leisure developments that are pivotal to realizing Dubai’s vision.

  1. Damac Properties

Damac Properties, part of Damac Group, has been shaping luxury real estate in the Middle East since 1982. Crafting iconic residential, commercial, and leisure properties for sale across the region and beyond.

  1. Dubai Properties
    Founded in 2004, Dubai Properties evolved in 2005 to become a part of Dubai Holding, a diversified global entity with operations in 13 countries and 10 sectors. Today, Dubai Properties stands as a prominent residential developer, shaping some of Dubai’s most renowned and iconic real estate destinations.


  1. Meraas Properties

Founded in 2007, The Meraas Group has been a key player in real estate, retail, entertainment, medical services, and hotel management. They deliver world-class projects, strengthening Dubai’s global real estate appeal.

  1. Binghatti Properties

Binghatti, established in 2008, is one of the oldest property developers in the UAE. The company specializes in delivering affordably designed residential and commercial properties.

  1. Azizi Developments

Azizi, Established in 2007, has completed over 50 projects, reflecting modern living in sought-after neighborhoods. Specializing in residential and mixed-use communities, Azizi has been a key player in delivering both residential and commercial properties.

  1. Sobha Properties

Sobha Realty, an innovator in the real estate industry since 1976, has expanded to Oman, Bahrain, Brunei, and India, creating sustainable communities and positive living experiences worldwide. As an integrated company, Sobha Realty possesses all the key competencies and in-house resources to deliver a project from conceptualization to completion.

  1. Ellington Properties

Ellington Properties, Established in 2014,  is dedicated to crafting homes with top-tier style, comfort, and quality. With a sharp focus on post-handover warranties and a careful selection of prime locations, they choose the most prestigious addresses in the city.

  1. Tiger Group

Since 1976, Tiger Group has been a leader, in delivering high-quality projects in Construction, Real Estate, Facilities Management, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Education, and Health Care.

  1. Danube Properties

Danube Properties, a prominent developer in the real estate sector since 1993, boasts a network of 40 branches worldwide and operates in 9 countries across the Middle East & Asia. Their branches include Danube Building Materials, Danube Home, Alucopanel (a facade materials company), and Danube Properties (the real estate development branch of Danube).

  1. Select group

Established in 2002, Select Group is a leading developer of premium real estate, known for delivering high-end residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments in the UAE, the UK, and Europe. They specialize in various investment verticals, including residential, hospitality, fitness, wellness, technology, and asset management.

  1. Zenith

Zenith, founded in 2006, has grown into a leading Dubai construction company known as Zenith Group with 12 subsidiaries. They provide full in-house professional services in design, construction, property development, and management, leveraging in-house expertise to deliver impressive returns in Dubai’s property market.

  1. Dubai Investment Properties

Dubai Investment Properties (DIP LLC) presents expertise in development, design, and management – all under one roof. With over 25 years of experience, they’ve been shaping remarkable residential, commercial, and retail spaces in Dubai. Their commitment is to maintain high standards and deliver on quality assurances.

     15. Deyaar Properties

Established in 2002, Deyaar Property Management (DPM) is a comprehensive real estate solution. With a service offering spanning six key businesses, including Property Development, Property Management, Facilities Management, Community Management, Hospitality, and Asset Management, they provide an all-encompassing approach to meet your real estate needs.

     16. Nshama

Since 2014, Nshama has been a top UAE real estate developer, creating smart and stylish communities. They focus on sustainability with green architecture, energy-efficient lighting, and technology for clean energy.


     17. Al Wasl

Founded in 2008, Wasl emerged through the merger of the Dubai Development Board and Real Estate Department. Since then, the company has been steadfast in its dedication to project and property management, hospitality, and investment management. Wasl’s mission is to elevate Dubai’s status as a leading hub for living, working, and tourism.

     18. MAG Group

Founded in 1978, MAG Group Holding is a diverse collection of different companies and sectors. Their portfolio includes real estate, contracting, engineering, industrial trading, commercial services, freight, and hospitality.

     19. Iman developer

Established in 2016, Iman Developer entered the real estate development industry in the UAE with the aim of setting high-quality standards in residential housing for both Emirati and foreign families.

     20. Prescott

Established in 2005, Prescott Real Estate has been a leading developer in Dubai for the past 20 years, focusing on crafting high-quality residential and commercial buildings in prime locations across the city.

Having identified the developers who have excelled in every aspect of the criteria. From trust-building branding to performance that surpasses expectations, these developers truly shape Dubai’s real estate landscape.

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